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Hacker, Problem Solver, and Leader:
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About Me

My name is Brian, and I solve problems. I have over seven years of experience in web development, working in industries ranging from futures markets to small business websites to online real estate! I love tackling the big problems — the ones everyone thinks are impossible. It lets me flex my creative muscles and get my hands dirty with machine learning, data processing algorithms, third-party APIs, and solid teamwork. The increasingly challenging nature of our industry keeps me on my toes!

When I'm not building the Next Big Thing ™, I enjoy running half-marathons, cooking fantastic food, and writing novels. I'm also passionate about the arts, fitness, and saving the world. I'm a certified scuba diver, am fluent in American Sign Language, and have the cutest niece in the world!

Tools of the Trade

Big / Smart Data

Whether it's indexing big data in Elasticsearch, manipulating strings and arrays, or implementing some Machine Learning techniques, no task is too big OR small!

Coding Wizardry

As master of the LAMP stack, from back-end to front-end. Between PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, I can get any job done!

  • PHP
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Ruby
  • Elasticsearch
  • Rust
  • MongoDB

API Know-How

When it comes time to outsource technology to someone else, I can harness third-party APIs and wrangle them to do my bidding! Integrations include (but are not limited to):

Know-It-All Attitude

I know everything* — Ask my niece!

* (And what I don't know, I can find out!)

Fixing the World One Step at a Time

Challenges Surmounted

Full Stack

I've built the UI for dozens of websites in the last 8 years, including the UI for Zillow Rental Pro, using HTML5, CSS3 (SASS & Compass), and Javascript (with jQuery)!

Using PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Memcached, and other technologies, I've built entire web applications from the ground up, including a massive internal API for Zillow! Ask me about it sometime.

Real Estate

One of the major challenges in online real estate is parsing addresses. I architected, built, and deployed a system for identifying, de-duping, and synchronizing over 100 million addresses across all of Zillow.com's services, including Hotpads.com, Rentjuice.com, Postlets.com, and Zillow.com.

Reduce Colleague Headaches

One of my goals as a software engineer is to make our jobs as easy as possible. At Zillow, our data import team spent hours importing data — hours they could have spent doing other things! On a lark, I build a tool to automate the import process, saving up to 40 man-hours per month, increasing productivity for that team by over 33%!

Keeping It Simple

I've realized the futility of reinventing the wheel without good reason. Over the last several years, I've incorporated dozens of APIs, from Google Maps to Twilio to Campaign Monitor. My expertise in implementing — and even building! — APIs is unparalleled.

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